Want to integrate with OPSYLOG?

OPSYLOG Integrations

 Do you want to integrate with SkyPACS 365 or CMACS 365. OPSYLOG uses an open API, for all future partners to integrate with.

At OPSYLOG, we strive to make the most user-friendly software solutions for the veterinarians and this can be achieved with the help of partners who are willing to integrate with our solution.

Our solutions can be integrated with any Practice Management Software, Telemedicine or Laboratory Management Software etc

If you have further questions about integration contact us here:

Product APIs for OPSYLOG products

SkyPACS 365 API:

SkyPACS 365 API Documentation:

OAuth Scopes:
openid profile email ViewerApi

CMACS 365 Api:

CMACS 365 Online documentation:

OAuth Scope:
openid profile email cmacsApi ViewerApi