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Are you looking for a MedTech as a Service (MaaS) component to give your Practice Management System a more competitive edge? 


OPSYLOG can be your strategic partner also providing business development, strategy planning, business optimizing just to mention a few topics.

OPSYLOG consultants on your team

OPSYLOG has highly skilled senior consultants with experience within MedTech. Let OPSYLOG be your partner on your next technical project.

“When talking about brilliant software components, we want to be preferred partner for all Practice Management System vendors around the world – making a difference for our partners and their customers.”

Software components at a glance

OPSYLOG has decades of experience in software solutions to the Health sector – both veterinarian and human.

SkyPACS 365 is a user-friendly and simple PACS-software, easily integratable into any partner’s PMS-system.

CMACS 365 is a simple and systematic referral portal, easily integratable into any partner’s PMS-system.

OPSYLOG as a business partner

We are 100% dedicated to our business partners.

Based on our experience, Practice Management System vendors often misjudge whether their service should be offered as a cloud based MaaS-solution or continued to be offered in the more “traditional” way.

You are probably familar with the SaaS-model on services such as Netflix, the new Adobe etc.

By introducing MaaS-solution together with OPSYLOG, i.e. in a monthly subscription based software service, it will give you the capability to make new ongoing revenue streams on your existing customers.

Please contact us and let’s share our experience and vision as future partners. 


Software development

Web, app and software development for your needs

Sales, collection and accounting

E-conomic (ERP), Stripe and payment processing

Operation and hosting

Azure and Amazon


Support tools

Zendesk and Intercom.io

Business development

Let´s have a talk about how we can develop our business relation and create even bigger revenue stream from your existing customers

Would you like some OPSYLOG expertise on your team?

Let’s create your next MaaS-adventure together.

OPSYLOG offers highly skilled senior software developers and architects as consultants.

They are characterized by their expertise and their unique ability to understand your domain requirement in MedTech development.

They are not only interested in delivering you a new solution, but also in challenging all aspects of your existing software, thus creating an even more competitive edge against your competitors.

We take pride in supporting your business and delivering the project to ensure optimized value for you and your customers.

PMS development and integration

DICOM, PACS and HL7 handling

App and .NET development as well as consulting in the field

Managing Person-Sensitive Data


Encryption and securing of confidential data

Cyber security

Project analysis and planning

Let´s make business together – and create a shared success for your customers

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How it all started

Since our beginning in 2004 as an IT infrastructure company, we have worked exclusively with MedTech – involving customers and partners in developing our company and components.

The new OPSYLOG has arisen out of a vision to create simple, user-friendly and time-saving software components, giving our partners and their customers a stronger competitive edge.

Our future vision

By working with PMS-vendors around the world, we strive to give all clinics a step ahead in digitalization.

We aim to be the preferred business software partner for PMS-vendors.

Our expert team of highly skilled software and business developers are now making that vision a reality.



“Let´s cooperate to make your Practice Management System business the most competitive software solution on your markets

Our strength is our deep knowledge in both the veterinarian and human MedTech digitalization across Europe – understanding the challenges that you as a Practice Management System vendors have to deal with every day.

We can take your business forward and create additional revenue stream into your existing customer base effortlessly.


Steffen Pedersen
CEO & Founder

Brian Johansen
CTO & Founder

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Steffen Pedersen

CEO & Founder, OPSYLOG ApS

Brian Johansen

CTO & Founder, OPSYLOG ApS

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