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– Working with MedTech and Health IT companies and partners around the world

Senior Consultants

OPSYLOG has highly skilled senior consultants with experience within the Health IT and MedTech.


Let OPSYLOG be your partner when developing your next technical project.

Software components at a glance

Are you looking for a MedTech as a Service (MaaS) component to give your Practice Management System a more competitive edge?

Project Hotel

Optimize your Health IT and MedTech, by using OPSYLOG Project Hotel.


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the future of software projects.


Event Streaming and data virtualization via Apache Kafka
“OPSYLOGs business model is to work in partnerships and direct customer with established stakeholders within the Health IT and MedTech industry.”
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With OPSYLOG on-site you will experience a huge leap in efficiency
Get our strongest Senior Consultants at your team.

Our Senior Consultant are characterized by their expertise and their unique ability to understand your domain requirement in Health IT and MedTech industry development.

They are not only interested in delivering you a new solution, but also in challenging all aspects of your existing software, thus creating an even more competitive edge over your competitors.

We take pride in supporting your business and delivering the project to ensure optimized value.


Experience in on-site development


Health IT and MedTech domain knowledge


Project management and project coordinators


Only senior consultants with + 10 years experience

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OPSYLOG have teamed up with internationally oriented partners

To provide our international customers with the best possible service, we engage in strategic partnerships with other internationally oriented business.

This ensures a well-balanced delivery, where OPSYLOG have access to like-minded players on the international scene within sustainability.

Our partners are carefully chosen amongst the best of the best and each of them share the values and ethics of OPSYLOG. We are a wining combination with a common obsession of customer success… your success.


Durable service


Focused delivery


Invoicing services


Wider range of services

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Software components at a glance

OPSYLOG has decades of experience in software components to the Health sector – both veterinarian and human.
OPSYLOG has developed a range of components, that can be embedded directly into any PMS/EPJ system. They components are developed on state of the art technology that can scale to any need.

The idea is to give the partner a competitive edge and lower implementation cost, to offer a better service to there customers.


PACS System


Referral platform


Online Consultation

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Efficiency in software development
Let the development process become even more efficient with OPSYLOG Project Hotel.

OPSYLOG offers the option for your development team to stay at the OPSYLOG facility – in our project hotel.

Out of their regular environment, your team will become even more project focused.

The project hotel is in a protected environment, to ensure your material and data is secured.


Full focus on your development project


Development in an innovative environment


High progress in project execution


Significant reduction in development time

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Let us help you – Get started today with AI and ML
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the future of software projects.

Let us help you get started with the development of AI and ML projects.

OPSYLOG have practical experience with AI and ML projects, and we have employed some of the strongest minds within the field of AI/ML.


Practical experience with AI/ML


Analysis and design


Planning and execution


Part of AI ECO system


Access to universities within Big data and AI/ML


Access to super computers for data crunch (Ultimo 2020)

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Does your project or organization require High Performance Event streaming and data acquisition for real time data? OPSYLOG could be the highly skilled partner you are looking for!
We have extensive experience from some of the world leading players in the field and our team of senior consultants are very experienced in the art of handling big data and making it available where it is needed.

We are certified KAFKA developers and partners with Confluent, founded by the team that originally created Apache Kafka.

OPSYLOG can help you design and/or build your next scalable, resilient and secure event streaming platform.


Analysis and design


Implementation of Apache KAFKA projects


Acquisition for real time data


Visualization and aggregation of big data

“Does your investment in new technology convert to business?”

Our strength is our business understanding of the projects we develop – in collaboration with our colleagues, their customers and our amazing consultants.


Steffen Pedersen
CEO & Founder

Brian Johansen
CTO & Founder

How it all started

OPSYLOG has emerged from a vision to create a scalable company within the MedTech as a Service (MaaS) business. This has been our goal since 2016.

We work on the mantra “Nail it before you scale it”.

To ensure that quality, collaboration, and deliveries work perfectly, our business model has been proven throughout the past years with both partners and customers.

Our future vision

Our vision is to create a highly specialized consultant business, that focuses on Health IT and Medtech, which will make us the preferred partner for new exciting projects within our field.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled software and business developers are now using their expertise to make that vision a reality.

Call us today and let´s change the  future together.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

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