SkyPACS 365 is a user-friendly and simple PACS-software for veterinarians.

SkyPACS 365 is a cloud-based PACS and can be integrated with any PMS system. 10 years of storage and back-up.

Did you know?


90% of vet clinics world wide
can´t afford a proper PACS

We have made it possible!

CMACS 365 is a simple and systematic referral portal for animal hospitals and veterinarians.

CMACS 365 is cloud-based

and secures storage with back-up up to 10 years included.

Did you know?


75% of all referrals are ineffective and
unnecessary complicatet.

We have a solution!

No hardware acquisition

No software acquisition cost

No subscription binding

No minimum number of studies is required

To all my veterinarian colleagues

My own frustration with the PACS software and referral process that we have available today, has inspired new ideas that are now the foundation of our software solutions for veterinarians.

We all use digital imaging as an essential part of our diagnostic work. Viewing, sharing and storing these images can be cumbersome – or very simple and easy.

Working in referral practice poses its own challenges. Sharing clinical information with referring colleagues can be optimized to boost referrals and optimize the workflow in the referral process.

We have the ideas and innovative software tools, that solve these issues.

Lars Granly, DVM (Cert.SAS)

AniCura Copenhagen Animal Hospital


SkyPACS 365

Get your records on track

Images in pure DICOM

The images shown in our web viewer is using pure DICOM quality

Fast upload to the cloud system

Upload your image files to the SkyPACS 365 cloud system fast

User friendly

Easy viewing and sharing of all types digital images

Easy sharing of DICOM studies

Share your images with colleagues and pet owners with one-click
SkyPACS a software solutions for vets

CMACS 365?

Case Management System on all platforms


All information, files and communications related to the referred patient are stored together

User friendly

Intuitive user interface on all platforms – PC/MAC/Tablet/Mobile. All you need is internet access


Collaborate with your referring colleagues – smarter, faster and better

Save time

The workflows are reduced and simplified

More referrals

Makes it easier and simpler to refer patients to your specific animal hospital


Simplifies workflows for teams of all sizes
We believe and support that the veterinarian should focus on animal welfare
We know people are moved by emotion and facts
We deliver that extra layer that the veterinarians love to have
That is why we work hard every day to make our solutions the best, easy-to-use available in the market
Avedøre Dyreklinik, we have been using SkyPACS 365 the past 2 years. We are more than satisfied with the stable and user friendly PACS-solution. SkyPACS 365 features exactly the functions we need, and if we want to share our surveys with other clinics, we can do so. Lars Bistrup

DVM GPCert, Avedøre Dyreklinik

We are an association of clinics, and from our perspective, it is big advantage to have the opportunity of uploading images to our EPJ management system via SkyPACS 365.

This means, that the referring veterinarian from one of our other clinics, fast and easy can watch x-ray photos in a high quality taken at our clinic. Torsten Hansen

DVM, Aabenraa Dyrehospital

Since we got SkyPacs 365 integrated at the clinic, we have had good experience with the system’s stability and security. It has been easy to learn how to use the system for all employees and referring veterinarians.

The system works and referral cases on patients have become more clear. In addition to that, I am pleased that the technical support on the system is fast and efficient Bo Thilkjer Eriksen

Veterinarian, Dyreklinikken Mo AS, Norway